Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geology DSST

Well, not the most popular exam, is it? I needed science credits, and I don't know why I chose Geology, except that I just think rocks are cool. I studied for one week. I speed read my way through The Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, by Tarbuck/Lutgens, and Exercises in Physical Geology by Hamblin and Howard. Both books are very good, lots of pictures and excellent illustrations. I scored a 54, a 'B'. I think I could have scored much higher if I had learned all the terminology better. Here's a few things I remember:

-Which planet has plate tectonics like Earth?
-Rocks older than 180 million years are not found on the ocean floor, why is that?
-What is the ocean floor made of?
-What are the mineral compositions of granite, quartz, and feldspar?
-What distinctive landscape features are caused by glaciers?
-What climates are most/least conducive to chemical weathering of rocks?
-Know the law of superposition, be able to recognize a diagram of it, with laccoliths, dikes, and faults, and be able to say which of all these things occurred in what order.
-Know how to figure out the rate of sea floor spreading.
-Know all about transform faults
-How were the Aleutian Islands formed?
-Know Bowen's Reaction Series really well
-How is an oxbow lake formed?

Sorry it's not much, that's all I can remember. I found the subject matter fascinating. I definitely think that the key terms--vocabulary and knowing all the definitions is key on this one. Good luck!


  1. Well, at least you passed that test, and a B is not quite bad.

  2. You actually get a full 3 credits for university/college for these?

  3. Wow, that is gnarly. Would love to go back to school. :P

  4. I'm going to take a guess why rocks older then 180million years are not found on the ocean floor. Ahem.. many years ago, there was a catastrophic event, such to the fact that rocks older then 180 million years are not found on the ocean floor.

  5. Just that's a pretty cool major, you can become a Geologist.

  6. So this is a major?

  7. I don't know a single one of those answers :D I'm more of a social science guy lol

  8. Have no idea how to answer these...

  9. For some of them I can make an educated guess bust mostly... no idea.