Saturday, March 12, 2011

World Conflicts Since 1900 ECE

The test was almost wholly fact memorization, with a few theoretical scenario questions thrown in (130 questions total). Hope that helps someone, I didn't know much about any of the writers, or half of the terms, but had a basic knowledge of all the conflicts and I looked through the ECE study guide and read "Complete Idiot's guide to World Conflicts".

  • World War 1 - lots of questions especially on causes.
  • World War 2 - a few questions, most notably on Germany and Hitler. Several questions on Hitler's motives/strategy. Also a couple on European powers breaking up and administering the conquered lands.
  • Korea - Several questions on Korea, esp. causes and international actions (*** this one was NOT listed on the study guide).
  • Veitnam - Causes, how it ended.
  • Balkans - lots of questions on the breakup of Yugoslavia, and Slobo's motives (one specific question was: which state was the first to break away). Also, know why each state declared reasons, safety
  • Gulf War - Causes, UN action (also, specific question was: what year did it start?).
  • Iraq - there were a few questions on Iraq's motives for invading Kuwait, and for attacking Iran...and questions about who the US supported, why...and UN action.
  • Cold War - several questions on the cold war, mostly about nuke deterrent, proxy wars, when the cold war ended and why (specific question: what action most closely depicts the end of the cold war? answer was the fall of the Berlin Wall)
  • Arab/Israeli - several questions on the different wars, and who signed what treaty and why (specific question: when was the first Arab/Israeli war? answer: as soon as Israel was created)
  • Pakistan/India - couple questions, mostly on kashmir and nukes (specific questions: which nation gained its independance from Pakistan? answer: bangladesh; question: why did Pakistan start nuke testing?)
Major things to study:
  • UNITED NATIONS! study basically everything about UN actions, abilities, lots of questions.
  • Treaties - several questions on major treaties and accords like Versailles, Camp David, Oslo, nonproliferation.
  • American Wars/motives - seemed to have alot of questions on specifically American wars/motives (America is the nation that has been involved in the most conflicts in the 1900's).
  • Political Scientists/writers - there were a LOT of questions on the writings/theories of: Stoessinger, Huntington, Waltz.
  • Terrorism - causes, why it's easier today (also, NGOs), definition of terrorism.
  • Globalization - a couple questions on impact.
Terms to KNOW:
  • Balance of power
  • Bipolar/multipolar
  • Collective security
  • Realism
  • Liberalism
  • Marxism

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  1. the tl;dr of WW1's cause

    Grand Duke of Austria's wife didn't stay in the kitchen to make him a sammich, so he had to go out for one, and wound up getting shot.