Monday, March 28, 2011

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union DSST

Wow, what a test. This one hurt the ole' noggin. I passed it with a 58. Minimum score needed was a 45.
-There were no questions on Andropov, or Chernenko. Spend most of your time studying Lenin, Stalin, Bhreznev, and Gorbachev.

-The only question about Chernobyl Nuclear Accident was "What did the Soviet Union immediately do when the accident occured..", obviously, the tried to cover it up from the world.

-Study up on the Battles of Stalingrad and Lenningrad during the "Patriotic War" or WW II.

-There were some questions about what side and efforts the Bolsheviks took with regards to the Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil War.

-Read up on the Soviet Unions Constitution. Know what Gorbachev did in reference to amending an article (#6, I believe)

-Know all the names that the Soviet Secret Police have been called (ie. Cheka, GBU, NKVD, KGB)

-Know which countries became part of the CIS after the break up of the Soviet Union.

-Know what Lenin put in his last statement to the Communist Party that the leadership did not want everyone else to know about.

-Know about "War Communism" and the "New Economic Policy"

-Know what was gained by the Red Army's invasion of Finland.

-Know about the Great Purges.

-Know about Maxim Gorky and Vsevolod Meyerhold

-Know about the Molotov-Ribbentop Pact.

-Know about the "Marshall Plan"

-Know that during WW2, that Stalin was upset because the Allies would not open up a Western European Front when he needed it.

-Know that from 1941 to 1943, Stalin mass deported Volga Germans and Crimean Tartars to Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia.

-Know that the 'Korean War', was a hard lesson the Soviets learned when they walked out of s 1950 UN Security Council meeting. This was the only time they ever did that. If they had stayed during the Security Council vote, The Korean War might not have happened.

-Know that Boris Yeltsin became the popular political figure in the Soviet Union after the failed 1991 coup.

-Know that the Soviet Union's War in Afghanistan was the worst military mistake in Soviet History.

-Know that Perestroika was economic reforms and only that. (This was one of those "could it be I, II and IV., or I, III, or IV, or I only. Chose the one that states 'Economic Reforms only".

I know that there are a couple formats out there for this test. My test was 100 questions long, I had 2 hrs to take and did it in 45min. And boy does my brain hurt.

Hope this helps. Thanks to all the previous posters here. They were very instrumental in my passing this exam.