Friday, February 4, 2011

College Math CLEP

I studied for 3 weeks. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. I got a 76, which may mean that only 4 out of 60 answers were wrong. I am excited to earn 6 college credits for the math I learned in high school!

The exam was much more tiring than I expected and I had to try hard to stay on time. I only had enough time to get all of the questions answered; I did not have time to go back and check the ones I marked or check the others for mistakes.

Materials I used:

REA General Review book (with review/teaching material for each subject plus drills) and SEPARATE REA Preparation book (with 3 practice tests) - 

They were good, but the Trigonometry section was way too deep and the CLEP Success ebook did not even have a trigonometry section.
(REA has a book for just the College Math test available now.)

Peterson's CLEP Success free ebook has review/teaching material for each subject and multiple practice tests. 
I read the College Math section of this book and did the review questions. These were good, too. The pre- and post-tests were very difficult like the Peterson’s practice exams. 

Peterson’s practice tests – I would recommend working through the CLEP Success materials first. That should help with these more difficult practice tests. To avoid confusion, I also worked through these practice exams one question at a time – do problem, look at answer and explanation, figure it out, and do the next problem. This requires going through the exam quickly and answering all “D” and then going back through the “review section” untimed to do the problems for real.

CLEP Official Study Guide - Practice test 
I did very well on this. The other sources had prepared me well, even though Peterson’s can be discouraging because of the high level of difficulty.

The CLEP Sampler can be downloaded from the official CLEP website. This has the calculator that will be available on the test computer during the exam. You can use this to practice at home before the exam and get familiar with the features on the calculator.

If you already have a strong math background, this is a great opportunity to pick up 6 credits in math.

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