Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ethics in America DSST

I took the test and thought that I failed it and then got a 462. Since their scoring is based off a 200-500 system with 400 passing I must of did well. I did get the essay question on the end and did that even though I didn't need it. There were two scenarios. One was a worker 2 yrs to pension notices company covering up dumping toxic waste in river. Second was a man in accident horrible crippled/ disfigured by fire. Insurance is running out treatments too painful to take. Going to burn through savings and college funds. It asks 4 parts; first - list all the important facts in the case 2nd - list your arguments and why using supporting theories 3rd - consider the opposite and list arguments for that 4th- reconsider using alternate arguments and do you still support original theory and why?

Questions that I had no idea about where
- the medical ethics involved with using humans - mainly represented by report of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment ( forget the name).
- Islam what is used as the deterrent and capital punishment. They had 5 pillars.... 4 (something something).

Pretty much same as csaya7

-Know your rule and act utilitarianism
-deontologist theory.
- land ethics what is the focus? 
-Hobbes, Kant, Hume rosseu, Epictetus, Plato Aristotle, Epicurus 
-passive and active euthanasia, 
-Thras. And Thuc. Might makes right. 
-Who wrote about the right to social protest - narrowed down to king from Birmingham and Hume(?) leviathan. 
-Hindu and favorable rebirth
- book of exodus laws based on...
- question on a conselor and his "fiduciary" right to client
- Aquinas
- Aristotle on slavery

I solely used the flashcards. This was tough because I had ZERO previous knowledge on the topic so literally spent 20+ hrs going through the sections. I stopped using the scenarios after the first run through to streamline. Tried the YouTube 3min philosophy but unless you knew the terms didn't help, DSST review in official study guide was worthless, test questions looked Ok.

Apply yourself and this is doable. Take your time, read everything slowly. Mark the questionable ones and come back when finished. I had 94 questions - last being essay. I took 1.5 hrs.

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