Monday, February 7, 2011

US History II CLEP

This was my second CLEP test. I learned a lot and studied for 4 weeks. I thought this test was harder than US History I. It took me longer to get through it and I didn’t have time to check for mistakes, so I was surprised to get a 78!

I used:

Peterson’s practice exams – I just read through them to get an overview of the material covered.
REA study guide seemed too easy for this test, but was a good starting point.
Barrons EZ 101 was great for extra topics and details.
Resource: A Biography of America videos 
InstantCert provided info on more topics. – I really liked the AP Quizzes. I wish I had used them for US History I.
I also had the Official CLEP Guide to make sure I was learning the correct material.

Even with all of this, I felt like my studying was lacking some depth on certain topics while I was taking the test. It seems that I had learned enough to make lots of educated guesses. Looking more things up on Wikipedia might have helped, too.

I was surprised to see that Reconstruction is covered on this test also.

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