Monday, January 31, 2011

Intro to Computing CLEP / MIS DSST

I have been studying for all 3 computer exams at the same time. It was harder to do this than I expected, but still a wise choice. I am an average home computer user (with no business experience) and had a lot more to learn than I realized. 

I studied for the Intro DSST for 4 weeks. The exam was harder (deeper) than expected. There were a lot of questions for which I needed to know 3 facts and I often only knew 1 or 2.

Study materials I used:

Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 – I should have started here. It has good explanations and pictures for many topics. I read through all of “Computer Basics” and some of “Databases”.
InstantCert – I read all 3 sets of flashcards for the computing exams.
Petersons practice exams for Intro DSST
DSST site – quiz, official practice test, and fact sheet 

Then I studied another week for the CLEP exam. Having taken the Intro DSST first really helped. I also started studying for the MIS DSST and that was helpful for the CLEP exam. With all of this studying, the exam was easier than I expected.

Study materials I used:

InstantCert – I took notes on the CLEP and MIS sets of flashcards.
Petersons practice exams for CLEP 
Official CLEP Study Guide practice tests for 2009 and 2010

Again, having prepared for the Intro DSST exam and taken notes on the MIS flashcards were important parts of doing well on this CLEP exam.

Lastly, I studied for 3 more weeks for the MIS DSST. I won’t know my score for several weeks, but the materials I used covered the exam topics pretty well. I was glad I reviewed the material from the previous 2 exams also.

Study materials I used:

InstantCert flashcards
Petersons practice exams for MIS
Study Guide by MISin08 - Google Docs – Thank you!
MIS Glossary - DCN: Glossary
DSS glossary - DSSResources.COM Glossary - great reference glossary
Management Information Systems DSST Study Guide - – This was my first time to use this site as a main study resource. I thought it was quite helpful. I used it last, that way I knew which material was important to read and which material I could skip (such as some parts of wikipedia pages).
DSST site – quiz, official practice test, and fact sheet 

Having the chance to earn 6 credits, including 3 upper-level, by taking these exams, which do build on each other, is a great opportunity. 

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