Monday, January 31, 2011

US History I CLEP

This was my first CLEP test. I got a 77!

I plan to study for a month on future tests, but I had some extra time and studied for 6 weeks for this one.

REA study guide was perfect for this test.
Barrons EZ 101 filled in extra facts.
I liked the Resource: A Biography of America videos and website.
InstantCert was good for review.
I also had the Official CLEP Guide to make sure I was learning the correct material.
Peterson’s practice exams were confusing me. I decided to just read through them and was learning the material better that way.

I plan to use all of the above for US History II. This time I’m going to start by reading the Peterson’s to get an overview of the material and see if that works better for me.

It seemed like there were more colonial questions than the 30% the guide said. I had studied that a lot so it wasn’t a problem. Don’t skip that time period. I had studied for a harder test, but it did cover some knowledge of every topic.

I was surprised to learn so much about American Government and the Civil War that I’m thinking about taking the extra time to study for and take those tests, also.

Update: – I really liked the AP Quizzes for US History II. I wish I had used them for US History I.

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