Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pathophysiology ECE

Well, just took the pathophys exam with 160 questions and got to tell you, its pretty hard. Being in the medical field gave me an edge but still very broad. Wont know if I passed because I took the hand written exam at the marine base.

>4-6 questions on pulmonary embolism 
>3-5 q's on diabetes
>know basic ABG interpretation ie: hypercapnia, hypo
>what is menarche Ie: girls first menstrual cycle
>Know heart block 1,2,3
> know diabetes insipidus
>know ARDS and IRDS 
>know blood thinners and thrombolitics IE: warfarin, coumadin, streptokinase
>know atelactasis
>many questions on various types of hypertension
>know buergers dz. ie: related to smoking
>know about meningitis and how to diagnose IE: 
>know about duodenal ulcer and ulcerative colitis
>know about H pylori
>know about diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemia
>know lab values Ie: ABG, urine, blood work, electrolytes,
>what is polycythemia
>cholelithiasis, pancreatitis
>sprue (celiac dz.)
>vitamin b12 deficiency
>crohns dz.
>cardiac tamponade
>peripheral edema 
>hemodynac values ie: CVP, PAP, 
>know what is IGE and asthma have in common
>cystic fibrosis
>types of hypoxia ie: tissue, hypoxic, circulatory
>cystic fibrosis
>Know restrictive and obstructive lung dz's
>myasthenia gravis, gullian barre syndrome
>ankylosing spondylitis, poliomyelitis
>ALS=lou gherigs dz.
>know cor pulmonale
>v/q lung scan
>cushing syndrome

Ok, im tired. All this and more was on the exam.

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